Do Vietnamese Women Like Black Men?

Have you thought about whether Vietnamese women like black men?

Here’s a personal account from a Black man who currently lives in Vietnam.

He is posting his personal experience as anonymous to protect his personal identity.

Do Vietnamese Women Like Black men?
It will depend on who you ask. Some Vietnamese girls love you, and they never think about your skin color. Some will.

I have gone out with a girl, and everywhere people see us, they always advise her not to let me go. That I am a good dude with a good heart.

How did they know this? I have no idea, but I respect everyone in Vietnam and smile when I can. No matter how smart or dumb you are.

I have seen women ask me for sex before because they want to see what sex is like with black muscular looking dude (I workout regularly).

I have seen a Vietnamese girl stand up for me when an old dude was saying trash, knowing fully well i don’t understand.

This is a well-mannered girl that will drop her chores to help old people on the street. We used to date until I saw another side.

Vietnamese girls are more bold and confident than the local guys. Don’t be deceived by their stature.

If you are in places like Saigon, you will see a lot of girls that don’t care about you being black if you stay in a good neighbourhood like Hanoi.
Most of the girls I have met that block or unfriend me on dating apps, when they know am black, always look cheap anyways and ugly with too many makeup.

Though sometimes a few girls I liked do it, but most times, its the cheap ones so it doesn’t bother me.

I have had a few girls tell me they can’t stand white guys because of personal reasons. Other Vietnamese girls complain that white guys are arrogant.

So it all depends……

To summarize it though, you will likely score more girls if you white, just like everywhere else. It’s not about Vietnamese girls.

Black Men Do Well in Vietnam (and Most of Asia) If They Do the Following Things:

  • Dress Well – Asian women recognize designer clothing and categorize men based on image
  • Live in a Nice Condo/Apartment – I’ve seen Asian women change their opinion about black men once they find out they stay in a nice upscale condo/apartment.
  • Have a Stable Career/Job – Stability is important in Asia due to poverty. Having a career/job sits you apart from the masses of broke guys.
  • Avoid Alcohol & Smoking – Not only will you appearance improve, but you will save money and avoid dangerous situations at night (think fights and robberies).
  • Lead Her – Asian is not the place to be passive. It’s important to show your interest and tell her what you want her to do.

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