How to meet women in Vietnam?

Meeting Vietnamese girl doesn’t seem like a complicated process however it doesn’t mean it’s simple and won’t take some time and effort. For those of you who are willing to meet Asian lady and fall in love, we had prepared a few tips how to meet Viet girls in Vietnam and outside the country as well. Are you ready to meet your lifetime partner from Vietnam?

Before arriving in Vietnam

1- Make a profile on multiple Vietnamese dating sites
Joining dating services for Vietnam niche is a good point for start your love journey. If you are sure about coming to Vietnam sooner or later, you can put this information upfront your dating profile. This will gather more views than you can even imagine. However, do not lie. If you are not planning to go Vietnam, better be honest.

2- Search in the cities you are planning to visit
Search up for girls only in the cities you will visit during a stay in Vietnam. It will give you more real chances to meet multiple ladies. Since they are new girls joining sites everyday, for sure you will find interesting and sexy girls in the areas you are going to visit.
3- Send messages at first

If you find an interesting lady, why don’t you send her a message and waits till her reply? Is it said that Vietnamese girls cannot make a first serious move, so most of them are just waiting patiently for messages to show up.

4- Download Viber
Viber is free to download mobile communicator which is commonly use in Vietnam. Every has is. Vier will allow you to get in touch with Vietnamese ladies easier, cheaper and more frequently.

After arriving in Vietnam

5- Make business cards

We are not thinking about serious business cards but rather a piece of papers with your phone number or Viber contact and your name. It’s easier for a girl to ask for a way to contact you if you already have something prepared. Keep a few of such business cards in your wallet. However, do not spread your mobile phone to every Vietnamese chick you will meet on street. Keep those for special girls with who you had a great conversation. Another tip is to try not to make a girl shy while exchange numbers since some of them are really taking great care ofsurroundings while exchange number with Westerns.

6- Hang out with popular spots
Having some time in popular spots like clubs, karaoke places and coffee shops is a great way to meet Vietnamese ladies who are often coming to such spots alone waiting for a guy to come and approach them.

7- Show your interest in Vietnamese culture by showing up in typical places
Appearing in traditional Vietnamese restaurant or Buddhist pagoda will make Viet people more interested in you. Girls are likely to have a conversation with a guy who is showing interests in their culture. As for a tip, try to learn few basic Vietnamese words.

We are full of hope that with tricks we presented above, your journey and ability for meeting Vietnamese girl will be easier and successful. Looking forward to hearing great testimonialsfrom our readers.

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