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Top 10 Most Searched Naked Celebs in Nude Scenes? How Much Nudity Shown in 'Game of Thrones'?

Game of Thrones has shown 134 boobs, 60 bums and only 7 penises during 108 minutes of nudity since show began, research reveals

Celebrity nude website Mr Skin spent hours trawling all seven seasons for the revealing study

GAME of Thrones is as well known for its steamy sex scenes and nudity as its gory violence.

And now a celebrity nude website has carried out a “skin-depth analysis” of the show’s naked statistics and shared the revealing results with Sun Online.

To celebrate the start of the show’s final season, website Mr Skin spent hours reviewing all seven seasons’ worth of episodes to produce the following “nudity by numbers” infographics.

Fans of the show may be shocked to learn they have watched a staggering 82 nude scenes – totalling 108 minutes – since the show began.

Those scenes have included a total of 134 breasts, 60 butts, 28 “bushes” – but only seven penises, according to the site.

A whopping 51 celebrities have bared all on the show – 36 women and 15 men.

The most searched-for nude stars include Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen, and Kit Harrington, who plays Jon Snow.
Jason Momoa who plays Dothraki warrior king Khal Drogo, Natalie Dormer who stars as the doomed Margaery Tyrell and Rose Leslie – wildling Ygritte – also make the top five “searched for” celebs on the site.

Show nerds may be interested to discover that the kingdom with the most nude scenes is Crownlands, where the Lanister’s stronghold King’s Landing is located – with Littlefinger’s brothel hosting the most naked celebrities.

There were 27 nude scenes in the Crownlands compared to 15 in The North, five in the Riverlands and three Beyond The Wall.
The steamiest house award goes to House Targaryen, which has seen seven members strip, followed by House Stark and House Lannister in third.

Despite the epic number of nude scenes, it is actually only the seventh when it comes to all-time nude scenes in a TV series – with the US version of Shameless topping the list at 236 and steamy vampire drama True Blood taking second place.
The site even compiled a “Shame List” for those stars who faked their nudity – topped by Lena Headey, who had show bosses fake Cersei Lannister’s naked walk of shame through King’s Landing using CGI.

Mr Skin owner Jim McBride told Sun Online: “We always knew that Game of Thrones was one of the all-time greatest shows for nudity in terms of sheer volume, so I put my Skin Labs statisticians to work to see exactly how those numbers stack up – pun intended.
“Calculating all the bare body parts and related figures on Game of Thrones was an quest of mythological proportions. I like to think it was my own personal hero’s journey.

“I love Game of Thrones for its epic storytelling, its epic visual presentation, and the epic amounts of nudity it packed into nearly episode.

“Singling out one Game of Thrones nude scene as my favourite is no easy task. I have to go back to the very first episode, really, when we first saw Emilia Clarke naked.
“Emilia’s combination of sheer physical beauty and superstar charisma was positively shocking. But that’s just my personal pick.

“I’m not saying Game of Thrones never topped its very first topless scene, though, because the show always aimed to overwhelm the audience with awesomeness, and that very much included nudity.

“So as Game of Thrones powers up – and peels down for its glorious send-off, we at Mr Skin wanted to give it a proper salute with a skin-depth analysis off the epic saga’s bare body statistics.”

Meanwhile in other Game of Thrones news, Kit Harrington revealed he would love to become a dad.

A Game of Thrones porn film called Winter Came Everywhere has been unveiled.

And here are the odds on the new season – which starts Monday in the UK – including who will be killed off. (The Sun)


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