Celebrities with 36D Breast and Bra Size

Fans always want to know more and more about their favorite celebrities. We try to make it easy by making list of celebrities with 36D Breast and Bra Size, and also we made the celebrities measurements stats in table form. Data celebrities we take based on data from 2013 to 2015. This data is quite valid if the data is used as a benchmark.We also realize that there will be changes to the data. If the subjects are perform various activities on their body shape. One example, diet, breast surgery and weight loss surgery. Wish it can fulfill fans curiosity about celebrities who are using 36D Breast and Bra Size. Don’t Forget to like and Share if you like it .

CelebritiesMeasurementBra, Breast, Size
Adele36-34-38 in (91.5-86-96.5 cm)36D
Adrienne Barbeau36-25-36 In36D
Alfre Woodard40-29-39 in (102-74-99 cm)36D
Amber Riley40-32-40 in (102-81-102 cm)36D
Amber Smith36-27-34 in36D
Anita Ekberg40-24-36 in (102-61-91 cm)36D
Ann-Margret36-25-36 in36D
Carmen Electra36-23-35 in36D
Eva Andressa40-27-44 In (102-69-112 cm)36D
Holly Madison36-26-36 In36D
Ivanka Trump40-27-36 In (102-69-91 cm)36D
Jacqueline Bisset37-24-36 In (94-61-91 cm)36D
Jayne Mansfield40-21-35 in (102-53-89cm)36D
Jennie Runk40-33-45 in (102-84-114 cm)36D
Jennifer Nicole Lee40-25-37 In (102-64-94 cm)36D
Jeri Ryan36-26-36 In36D
Kathie Lee Gifford40-30-38 In (102-76-97 cm)36D
Laetitia Casta36-24-36 In36D
Laura Antonelli36-23-37 In36D
Laura Dotson40-28-37 In (102-71-94 cm)36D
Madylin Sweeten40-30-39 In (102-76-99 cm)36D
Marquita Pring40-32-44 In (102-81-112 cm)36D
Meghan McCain40-29-38 In (102-74-97 cm)36D
Mickie James40-27-37 In (102-69-94 cm)36D
Morgan Fairchild40-28-40 In (102-71-102 cm)36D
Oprah40-30-40 In (102-76-102 cm)36D
Pam Grier40-28-40 In (102-71-102 cm)36D
Patricia Arquette41-29-41 In (104-74-104 cm)36D
Patricia Ford36-24-35 In36D
Raquel Welch36-23-36 In36D
Rebel Wilson40-29-39 In (102-74-99 cm)36D
Rhonda Shear36-25-36 in36D
Robyn Lawley40-32-42 In (102-81-107 cm)36D
Sabrina Salerno38-24-36 In36D
Sara Evans40-26-37 In (102-66-94 cm)36D
Sara Rue40-29-38 In (102-74-97 cm)36D
Serena Williams40-28-44 In (102-71-112 cm)36D
Shannon Tweed36-25-36 in36D
Trish Stratus40-25-37 In (102-64-94 cm)36D
Vivica Fox40-28-39 In (102-71-99 cm)36D
Yaya Han40-25-35 In (102-64-89 cm)36D

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