Tiger King stars ‘offered almost $1MILLION to shoot three porn sex tapes with themselves and their nanny’

TIGER KING stars have been offered almost $1million to shoot three porn sex tapes with themselves and their nanny, reports suggest.

The couples' nanny, Masha Diduk, is also rumoured to also possibly appear in the tapes

Netflix stars and husband-and-wife duo Jeff and Lauren Lowe are reportedly tossing up whether to take up an offer to film multiple sex tapes for $300,000 a piece.

The couple, who shot to notoriety on the docuseries, are being asked by “two of the biggest adult entertainment companies” to make three sex tapes for a rough total of $900,000, according to TMZ.

The offer will star 59-year-old Lowe and his 29-year-old wife Lauren with reportedly two more videos to feature threesomes on the cards.

"We’re told the XXX companies want one video of Jeff and Lauren together, another with them getting down with their nanny, and a third video with them and another guy of Lauren’s choosing," TMZ reports.

The pair are said to "likely agree" to the sex tape proposal.

The couple are not strangers to the world of adult entertainment, with Lauren Lowe recently launching an OnlyFans account earlier this year.

OnlyFans is an adult social network content subscription service where “fans” pay to subscribe to a content creator.

The service is popular with sex workers who use it to make personalized porn and charge monthly fees for access to porn images, video and more.

A subscription to Lauren Lowe’s OnlyFans costs $50 a month.

The couples' nanny, Masha Diduk, shared a string of raunchy snaps online, leaving little to the imagination as she posed for the sultry snaps on Instagram.

Earlier this year, Jeff Lowe revealed he's signed up to star in a reality TV series with wife Lauren.

Lowe said that the series has yet to go into production due to the current coronavirus pandemic but they are currently "filming B-roll" for it.

Exotic remains in prison after he was sentenced to a 22-year jail sentence.

He was found guilty of paying a hitman to kill Carole Baskin, an animal rights activist who criticized his treatment of animals at his big cat-centric zoo and killing tigers to make room for more exotic cats in his animal park.

Exotic ultimately lost the zoo to Lowe, his former business partner.

However, Lowe recently lost control of the zoo to Carole Baskin due to a legal judgement.

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