Sex Tape of Bobby Lytes and Andre Marhold Releasing

Sex Tape of Bobby Lytes and Andre Marhold Releasing
Sex Tape of Bobby Lytes and Andre Marhold Releasing

The 'Love And Hip Hop' Star And Jeffree Star's Ex-Boyfriend Are Sharing A Preview Of Their Intimate Video After Interrupting 'Gagging With Jason Lee' Podcast To Confirm Their Sex Tape.

Bobby Lytes and Andre Marhold's relationship is getting steamier and they intend to share it with everyone. The pair, who sparked romance rumors following several sightings together since last month, are releasing a sex tape.

On Tuesday, November 10, the "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star and the basketball player interrupted "Gagging With Jason Lee" podcast to confirm the existence of the sex tape. They made a video call with Jason Lee during the broadcast and urged him to subscribe to his OnlyFans account to watch it.

Jason seemed to take it with a grain of salt and told Bobby that he needed to prove it by sending a sneak peek of it. The rapper did it via Instagram Live, and Jason later re-posted the preview through Hollywood Unlocked's Instagram page.

In the clip, Bobby and Andre were seen half naked while dipping in the pool. Andre did most of the acts as he licked the rapper's chest and neck, before later moving his thighs suggestively around Bobby's neck.

But instead of getting excited, many social media users were disgusted with the steamy snippet. "ooo wtf is going on here," a shocked user wrote. Another commented, "I'm disgusted." A third one added, "Chile I could've went my whole entire life without seeing this."

Someone felt sorry for Andre's ex and baby mama, writing, "I'm embarrassed for his bm." Another slammed the ex-boyfriend of Jeffree Star as saying, "i just don't get the attraction to this andre marhold dude. he seems hella thirsty, hella shady."

Bobby and Andre first sparked speculation that they're romantically involved with each other after they got flirty at the reality TV star's birthday party in late October. A day later, the two were caught cozying up during a dinner date. At the time, they were speaking close to each other while sitting in the outdoor section of a restaurant. (Article Source Internet)

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