This TikTok Star Is the Latest in a Scandal of Leaked Photos

Jordan Powell TikTok Star Is the Latest in a Scandal of Leaked Photos
Jordan Powell TikTok Star Is the Latest in a Scandal of Leaked Photos

19-year-old Jordan Powell rose to fame on TikTok with his quirky and sexy videos, garnering a following of almost 800K followers. As a model, content creator, and Internet personality, Jordan wanted to capitalize on this, and created an OnlyFans account. What does this mean? Well, to put it simply, Jordan created a way to share more intimate photos and videos with fans, which always poses the risk of a leak.

Many TikTok stars use OnlyFans as a solid way to make a consistent income. Jordan Powell charges subscribers $8 per month, and has shared some very NSFW photos. While most fans have kept these to themselves, one fan has clearly leaked Jordan’s photos, risking his trust to continue sharing his exclusive content.

Jordan Powell’s photos were leaked on Twitter.

 Twitter seems to always be the place to go for leaked photos. On Nov.4, Twitter user @alexaservantv2, an account that has since been deactivated, shared links to photos that were exclusive to Jordan’s OnlyFans. Jordan was not happy about this, as other accounts started popping up.

Jordan shared screenshots on both his Instagram Stories and his Twitter of the accounts that have leaked his photos. He seems tired of this, as it may have happened a few times before. Jordan also has stated that “sharing his pictures is illegal” and that he would “stop creating content if the person doesn’t stop sharing his private pictures.”

This isn’t the first time a TikTok star’s private photos were leaked.

 Earlier this year, TikTok star Charli D’Amelio had some private photos leaked as well. The difference with Charli, though, is that she’s 15! So leaking nude photos of her is a felony. Whoever leaked them deleted their Twitter account, likely out of fear of the law. In addition, she wasn’t using OnlyFans, but instead it seemed like the photo was a private photo sent on Snapchat, and was leaked by the recipient.

In February, there was also a major TikTok nude photo leak. One of the main TikTokers who was victim to this leak was 21-year-old Tony Lopez. There were several photos leaked that the original poster claimed belonged to several different TikTok stars, but many denied those claims. However, Tony took it in stride, owned it, and reacted with humor, although he’s no stranger to scandal. He was recently under fire for sending sexually explicit nudes to a 15-year-old.

Leaked photos are always a risk with OnlyFans.

Many celebs use OnlyFans to share NSFW photos and videos with subscribers. Some say they do this to boost their incomes, whereas others say it’s to connect more with their fans and provide exclusive content. Either way, most OnlyFans content is behind a paywall.

Leaked photos aren’t the only scandal OnlyFans brought around this year. This past summer, Bella Thorne was under fire for basically “breaking” OnlyFans. She made the most money in a day, and basically “gentrified” the platform, preventing sex workers from driving their own consistent incomes.

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